A pup no more.

There come days in every bird hunter’s life where the memories come flooding in.  Maybe it’s the end of a great season, or at the inevitable end of a season too filled full of bad weather days, good weather days wasted on deer hunting (or worse yet raking leaves).  Today it occurs to me that […]

The first two skunks of the season

It had to happen sooner or later.  My father came down for Christmas, and we were both excited to get the dog in action.  It seemed almost poetic…He was there for that first bird hunt  with the dog, and now quite possibly to kill a wild bird over him.  But alas…It was not to be. […]

A couple pics and an update

Here’s a couple of Gus at 10 weeks.  Today we worked a little in the yard on the leash.  Started early this morning with a long walk.  It was his first time on the road around cars.  Each time one came around, I made him sit and stay til it passed.   He did pretty […]