2nd hunt

I have to admit. For all the bragging, I’m a little nervous about hunting with the folks I’ve been bragging to.  Maybe it’s this insecurity that has led me to do another quail hunt a week BEFORE taking one of my hunting partners out to hunt over Gus.  I ordered up 12 quail and took […]

The first hunt…the day has arrived

After some mild coaxing on my part directed at my father I finally managed to convince him that the dog was indeed ready and that a bird hunt would in fact be good for him.  Let me just say this- my father is unshakeable in his practical sensibilities.  From the beginning of my bird dog […]

7 months approaching the first hunt

Well….the time has come.  It has been a long summer of training, obedience, conditioning, and anticipation of the coming fall.  The plan all along has been to take Gus to a preserve about 30 minutes down the road as soon as they start hunting in October.  The preserve officially opens in September, but hot temperatures […]

28 weeks???? Losing count

Well the training continues.  Gus is a machine in the field.  His points are shuring up and he is really loving life.  I got another bunch of quail and have been setting and hunting them with him.  I have started with gunfire using a cap gun during meal times.  He doesn’t flinch now, and in […]

24 (or 5) weeks

Ok so I’ve gotten behind again. Let me recap. First the birds…I have a pretty good flock now. I would up with about 12 from my hatch that matured nicely, and found a guy in town that had gotten the cart before the horse and hatched about a buttload and 3/4’s of quail before he […]

24 weeks….let the games begin.

Ok it’s time for the fun stuff…BIRDS  I ended up with about 10 good quail.  Note for the future:  If I ever hatch any more, I’ll put them outside in a johnny house or pen AS SOON as they have wing feathers.  Keeping them inside, and in a brooder just seemed to kill them off.  […]

17 wks

I realize I’ve missed a few, but I’ll recap a little.  Gus is gaining drive almost every day.  He has been a little difficult as of late.  Hunting is no problem at all, but some of the simple obedience is really getting to be a bit of a chore.  What we have found is there […]