How Traditions Begin

What are your family traditions at the holidays?  I have to admit most of the traditions that have stood the test of time in my family center around food, the eating of food, the preparation of food…let’s see, did I miss anything?  Oh yes, the gag table decorations while we eat the food.  Being the […]

A pup no more.

There come days in every bird hunter’s life where the memories come flooding in.  Maybe it’s the end of a great season, or at the inevitable end of a season too filled full of bad weather days, good weather days wasted on deer hunting (or worse yet raking leaves).  Today it occurs to me that […]

The first two skunks of the season

It had to happen sooner or later.  My father came down for Christmas, and we were both excited to get the dog in action.  It seemed almost poetic…He was there for that first bird hunt  with the dog, and now quite possibly to kill a wild bird over him.  But alas…It was not to be. […]

Another day…Another grouse hunt report

As is getting to be our normal Tuesday morning habit, we took off to some of my recent hot coverts and a couple of new ones. We had a solid day of cold drizzle on Monday, and the day Tuesday started off with partly sunny and calm. It proved to be kind of on and […]

Another day off….Grouse galore

Well, I thought the last post might be one of a kind, but as luck would have it, I had as good of a day today. After my bragging about the last hunt, my hunting partner figured on the outside chance that my wild stories were true, he should come and find out. We took […]

Personal record…an unbelievable day.

It seems like years since I have done any bird hunting. November is a drag. For us, the rifle season for deer was bittersweet. I did manage to fill the freezer (grumbeling the whole time of course). The one bright spot in the birdless month was the opportunity to watch my bird dog’s reaction upon […]

2nd hunt

I have to admit. For all the bragging, I’m a little nervous about hunting with the folks I’ve been bragging to.  Maybe it’s this insecurity that has led me to do another quail hunt a week BEFORE taking one of my hunting partners out to hunt over Gus.  I ordered up 12 quail and took […]

7 months approaching the first hunt

Well….the time has come.  It has been a long summer of training, obedience, conditioning, and anticipation of the coming fall.  The plan all along has been to take Gus to a preserve about 30 minutes down the road as soon as they start hunting in October.  The preserve officially opens in September, but hot temperatures […]

24 weeks….let the games begin.

Ok it’s time for the fun stuff…BIRDS  I ended up with about 10 good quail.  Note for the future:  If I ever hatch any more, I’ll put them outside in a johnny house or pen AS SOON as they have wing feathers.  Keeping them inside, and in a brooder just seemed to kill them off.  […]

13 wks

Continued with letting Gus find wings on scent only this week.  Tuesday was the first serious test of his metal.  It started raining hard about the time I got home from work.  Usually Gus does not care for the rain.  He’s not afraid to get out in it, but he’s happy to go out, do […]