Sportdog 2525 review


Ok…so following the review that’s not a review for the SportDog 2500 here is a real one for the 2525. Customer service came through and without question replaced my defective 2500 taking the other one back on their dime. I ended up with a brand new collar at 50% markdown all said and done…not bad. First impressions on this collar did not leave me as excited as the 2500 did. They have obviously responded to the criticism that the 2500 was too heavy and bulky and gone to molded plastic in many of the parts that were originally metal. Still rugged, but half the weight all the way around. I expect they will still take all the abuse I can dish out, but there is something about having a transmitter that I could kill a grizzly with if I needed to. The collar is much smaller and I would say among the smallest and lightest on the market. The collar strap itself has been reduced to 3/4″ as well. The transmitter is the same size as the 2500 (a little big and bulky with no lanyard fitting) but the antenna has been shortened by a couple of inches. The collar now has a charging dock rather than the insert plug and the switch has been moved to the backside of the receiver. I paired the collar and set the transmitter mode without any problem. The charge time has been drastically cut from 12 hours (for a full charge after the initial charging) to 2. Modes are somewhat different, but there are still Low, Medium, High arrangements for stim buttons and a much louder tone function. This version also incorporates a vibrate which the original did not. I tried the collar on myself and in the medium setting at #2 I could tell it was already nearly 2x the output of my old Innotek. Once using it on the dog, a nick at #2 was all it took to get 100% compliance. The beep was sufficient to get his attention from then on. I tested the range with my wife and found in semi-open terrain the claims seem to be right. I will never use it at more than 200 yds most likely, but it’s nice to know that the transmitter has the power to be on my belt and make it through brush with no trouble. All in all I’m pleased and I think it should work just fine. I don’t think I could have done better for the price, If I were going to pay the sticker $305 I think there are probably several in competition that I would look closer at, but for half that I have no complaints. I can’t speak for the others, but SportDog customer service was phenomenal when I had an issue and turned a new collar around in 3 days.

2 thoughts on “Sportdog 2525 review

  1. Heh… it took TriTronics almost 6 months to replace a faulty collar. First they tried to weasel out of replacing it and then they dragged their feet for about 6 months. I still like the product, but the customer service sucks. I’m interested to see if SD’s stuff can stand up to the saltwater, barbed wire and other abuse we dish out.

    • I guess time will tell. so far it looks pretty good. I may end up trying to find a smaller SD transmitter to pair with the collar for everyday use. The monster is pretty big to carry. I like the power in the brushy stuff and knowing that if I need to break off a deer pursuit or something one push of the button will do it. Thanks for the comment!

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