The first two skunks of the season

It had to happen sooner or later.  My father came down for Christmas, and we were both excited to get the dog in action.  It seemed almost poetic…He was there for that first bird hunt  with the dog, and now quite possibly to kill a wild bird over him.  But alas…It was not to be.  We woke the morning of the 26th to a miserable hard, cold rain.  Alone, I probably would have still gone, but it was really miserable stuff to hunt in and we opted not to bother.  The next morning after some debate, we decided to try.  There was snow on the ground and ice in the higher elevations on top of the snow.  We got to some of my trusty coverts in less than ideal conditions (high wind, cold and crunchy snow).  We didn’t see a single bird in 2.5 hours of hunting.  I even tried another spot known to hold birds nearby, but not a thing.  The only good thing I could say about the day is it kept us from sitting indoors eating like we did the rest of the week. I went again today with similar results. I only hunted total for about an hour and a half with no flushes. It was more of a scouting mission to check out a couple of new coverts. I found one I really like. It is a hilltop off a National Forest access road that was apparently burned off in the last 20 years. There is nice brush thickets with scattered pines, and evidence of fire breaks and skidder tracks still there for easy walking spaced out every 30 yards or so. There is a wet weather spring inbetween two hills as well. I’ll check it out sometime when the birds are cooperating a bit. 

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