Another quail hunt

Managed another hunt with a dozen quail today.  Took my wife along for the first time.  She had a blast watching the dog work.  i also had her take some pictures which I am usually to busy get for myself.  Terrible shooting and high winds were the order of the day.  Poor flying birds, but […]

Another first in the life of a birddog

    We did a little more hunting today.  Months ago I was fortunate to find a generous fellow not too far from me who had taken to raising quail.  He seemed as enthusiastic as I was to hear that his birds were being used in training a legit bird dog, so in return for […]

The first two skunks of the season

It had to happen sooner or later.  My father came down for Christmas, and we were both excited to get the dog in action.  It seemed almost poetic…He was there for that first bird hunt  with the dog, and now quite possibly to kill a wild bird over him.  But alas…It was not to be. […]