Another day…Another grouse hunt report

As is getting to be our normal Tuesday morning habit, we took off to some of my recent hot coverts and a couple of new ones. We had a solid day of cold drizzle on Monday, and the day Tuesday started off with partly sunny and calm. It proved to be kind of on and off with rain, clouds, wind and scattered sunshine. Temp stayed right around 42-45. Not a lot to report. Started off a little slower, but managed 3 wild flushes before we saw a bird in the first hour and a half on the “Pine knob”. We worked around the end and into the bottom side of the log road this time and moved what was likely one of the birds we kicked off the hill up ahead of us again with no sight or shot at him. Our luck changed as we crossed the log road in the thicket. A solid point ahead produced another flush and a hurried shot. I don’t know why I always rush that shot. This was a good look and a tailing away shot in the relative open. No crazy banks, or guns stuck in the briars…I just missed clean. The bird didn’t go far and we managed to reflush twice with no more shots. We went up to “Scrub Oak Hollow” and tried that. By that time it was getting pretty windy and hard to hear. We hunted from the brush along the meadow all the way down and then doubled back with a Brian holding to the top of the creek bed and me in the brush working the dog between us. Gus pointed one about halfway down, but we couldn’t get a flush. Another thirty yards forward, the bird went up and looped to Brian’s right. He took 2 shots but came up behind the bird. That was the last one of the day. The new spots looked good, but possibly had not enough food available to keep birds around. Nice cover, and really nice shooting if one did go up. I’d have to see it in a year where we had more rain. Not a bad day in all. We hunted just shy of 3 hours and had 8 total flushes, 3 shots, no birds. The grouse are winning this year, but there’s still a chance for me to beat my 1 bird/1 box of shells track record I think.

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