2nd wild bird hunt

I wish I had some great pictures of all the birds I killed…but I’m still working on photoshoping a few in.  The man that tells you he is good at hitting grouse, is a liar.  No question about it….These things don’t get hit easily.  I firmly believe that 90% or better of the birds killed each year must be by blind luck…But I digress.  This morning was overcast and cold.  I had a day off so I headed out the where I had started the previous week.  We hit the ground and Gus was fired up.  He ran a little too big for me.  It wasn’t 10 minutes in I saw his tail go up ahead of me in classic setter fashion immediately followed by beating wings.  I never saw the bird, but they were in there.  We finished a push of the area and headed up an old log road at the end of the pass.  I had a good point, but I suspect the bird may have been running out ahead of us.  I never did hear a flush.  The dog worked beautifully quartering nicely and checking in with me regularly.  After coming back down, we drove a little further up the road.  I found a couple of meadows surrounded by OLD log roads with scrub oak on both sides.  I had at least one unproductive point and then a wild flush within 30 yards.  The dog wasn’t certain, but I shot at the bird anyway…not much of a shot I might add.  On the way back down I had another flush in the thick brush but never got a shot.  The day ended with one more push of a beautiful pine thicket with not a lot to show for it.  The particulars of the day by way of documentation and for posterity are as follows


Weather: cloudy and overcast 40 degrees and swirling wind heavy at times

Time of first flush 10:40am

Time of second flush 12:30pm

Third flush 1:30

Hours hunted 4

Flushes 3

Shots fired- 1 

Grouse bagged- 0

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