11 wks

Well, we’re at 11 wks now.  True to my research, Gus is becoming more and more interested in surroundings, and his drive just seems to get stronger every day.  A couple of days of heavy rain and little opportunity to work with him led to the inevitable yesterday.  I came home from work to discover […]

A couple pics and an update

Here’s a couple of Gus at 10 weeks.  Today we worked a little in the yard on the leash.  Started early this morning with a long walk.  It was his first time on the road around cars.  Each time one came around, I made him sit and stay til it passed.   He did pretty […]

Another day

Last couple days Gus has not been terribly interested in doing to much other than chew on me, the kids, and pretty much anything else.  I have to keep reminding everyone, he’s playing and it’s not aggression.  I did walk him in the big field across the street for a while and let him “hunt” […]

Hello world!

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